Sync Calendar to a Smart Phone

View your team or organization calendar while on the go by syncing it to your smart phone. There are two parts to syncing a calendar:

1. Copy the Calendar Feed Link
2. Add the copied link to your Calendar

1. Copy the Calendar Feed Link

First you will need to get the Calendar Feed Link from the webpage of the calendar that you want to sync to. 

Step 1: Navigate to your Team Page or the Calendar Page on the website.
Step 2: Select the Tags that are only relevant to you. What are Tags?
Step 3: Select Subscribe to iCal Feed on the bottom of the Calendar.
Step 4: Copy the iCal Feed Link.

2. Add the link to your calendar

Now that you have the link, you will need to add it to your calendar on your smart phone. 

Click here for how you sync it to an IPhone or Android device.